Christian Catholics wedding is more than a civil contract between a man and a woman. It is a sacramental commitment between you, Christ and the church, much like a baptism. The marrying priests archdiocese dictates the requirements of how to be married in a Catholic church. Preparations can take at least 6 – 12 months to complete prior to a Catholic wedding ceremony, and in some Churches, a year is required, as well as Pre-Cana classes. Catholic Wedding Ceremony led by a pastor or priest. Marriage in the Catholic Church, each partner is required to have a certificate with the single status of the Parish Church where the family originated.

Christian Catholics wedding ceremony In Lombok only able takes place in a Church with a nuptial mass, and may be attended with the family members and colleagues. And Exceptional days for the wedding schedules are 40 days before Easter including Holy Thursday, Good Friday or Holy Saturday, Easter Sunday and 40 days before Christmas including Christmas Eve.

Because of the many rules and regulations relating to Catholic persons, it is recommended a minimum of one month advance notice is required for such weddings and the religious part of the ceremony will not be confirmed until such time all documents required by the Church have been received and checked by the local Church authorities on your behalf. A number of questions relating to bride & groom, parents of the bride & groom and witnessed need to be answered once the reservation is made.

Catholics Wedding Package at USD 1.450++
Inclusive of:

  • Detailed explanation of all aspects of wedding procession with questions / comments via email or telephone
  • Detailed plan of wedding procession
  • English speaking celebrant with the Blessing ceremony at the church
  • Religious certificate of marriage presented on the day
  • Local priest fees
  • Donation to the church
  • Document processing to Church
  • Full Wedding coordinator assistant and servic
  • Arrival meeting service with Lombok Wedding Planner to answer questions and familiarize with schedule and liturgy,
  • Meeting at hotel and church (if required),
  • Wedding day presence to ensure smooth procession and handle guests
  • Ceremony perform in English
  • Basket of Red Roses petal shower
  • Photograph during ceremony ONLY file edit & master by DVD/ flash Disk


  • Administration Fee Applicable: Members of Other Dioceses within Indonesia Or Members from Outside Indonesia
  • A standard Decoration of the church & Outside decorator is not allowed. The decoration team is from the church only
  • Fee Formal Translate document to Bahasa
  • Admin no obstat letter from Bishop
  • Mass parcel offered
  • Stipendium Pastor who blesses
  • Choir by 5 singers
  • Price are excluding Embassy letter CNI ( Certficate of No Impediment


  • Car arrangement
  • Accommodation
  • Dinner Reception
  • Video Grapher

Document requirements:

  • Copy of passports / KTP For Indonesian
  • Copy of birth certificates
  • Baptism Certificates Mandatory. These should be issued not more than 6 months (and preferably not more than 3 months) prior to your wedding date
  • Document a “Letter of Freedom” issued by your Parish Priest or other Church official declaring you have never been married and are therefore free to marry.
  • Document a “Letter of Delegation” that they have no objection to your marriage ceremony being performed by a Priest from the Catholic Church in Lombok .
  • Pre Nuptial Course
  • Pre Marriage Inquiry
  • Widower must present a copy of death certificate of the former spouse (bride)
  • Copy of passport two witnesses
  • Statement letter that bride and groom (for non Catholic couples) are intended to get married in Catholic religion and to hold Catholic religion without force from other parties , and Baptism Ceremony or Baptism Certificate must be process in your Church not able here
  • 8 pieces of photograph size 4 x 6 side by side in color (the groom should be on the right hand side of the bride)
  • Reference letter as being single (unmarried) from the local government/consulate office and the parish Church (bride/groom’s home country Church)
  • Marriage course certificate of completion issued by the parish Church. Usually the marriage course is carried out at the bride groom’s home country a few weeks before the wedding day
  • Delegation letter from parish Church (bride/ groom’s home country Church) to the appointed Church in Lombok
  • The Wedding Liturgy Book is prepared or printed by the bride and groom themselves using a draft provided by the Church
  • Confession and Rehearsal are held on H-1 or H-2

Terms & Conditions :

  • The above price are excluding Embassy letter CNI ( Certficate of No Impediment )
  • Legal Wedding with additional cost USD 450++.
  • Subject 21 % tax & services charges
  • Please note that divorced people can not remarry in the Catholic Church, no matter if the previous marriage took place in a church or civil office. Protestant church or civil ceremonies are possible. And for some nationality which has really strict rule from their Country will require additional fee to The Embassy in Indonesia for re- register in their country.
  • Temporary Not Able In Gili Island 
  • For Need Civil/ legal  require  document pls click here 

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